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About Ribbon Shoelaces

Ribbon Shoelaces ✿ Our beautiful ribbon shoelaces make your ordinary shoes look extraordinary ✿


Ribbon Shoelaces™ offers handmade custom shoelaces constructed to your specifications using your choice of fabrics, lengths and tip options. Each pair is made-to-order in the USA and gets personal attention to produce the best quality shoelaces the market has to offer. Our objective is to provide our exclusive service at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy.

Shoelaces can do so much for your look when used strategically, and they can do so much for your mood when used for fun. Take a look below at some of the best Strategic and Fun uses for our custom shoelaces.

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Strategic Uses
Dressing up casual shoes - Even the most discriminating shoe-aholic has to go the comfortable and casual route sometimes. The most basic shoes can have a designer touch with the right laces...say some wide black satin in black oxfords or something more noticeable like multi color laces to match the the rest of your attire.

Making masculine shoes look feminine - Sometimes the contrast of bulky soles and frilly skirts are the perfect look, and other times those bulky-soled shoes are just too masculine to pull it off. A big
tulle/organza/floral bow in those shoes will give them a decidedly feminine flair.

Coordinating off-colored shoes - We're talking about greens and burgundies and blues and all of those shoes that match one item perfectly but just aren't quite right for anything else even though you love the style. A pair of olive green shoes can get an overhaul with a pair of kelly or mint green laces to go with more of your green clothes. Even a pair of brown laces in some black shoes or visa versa can overcome that sore thumb effect of brown purse/belt/accessories with black shoes.

Taking ordinary shoes to extraordinary - So everyone loves their sneakers, but since everyone has the same sneakers, they don't do much to stand out from the crowd. Unless you can afford a closetful of different colored sneakers, a drawerful of different colored and textured shoelaces are the perfect solution to make your sneakers the ones that get all the compliments.

Fun Uses
Support of a school/team/project - What if your school colors are green and black, or your favorite football team wears blue and yellow, or do you support a cause that pushes pink when you like purple? Try stringing two pairs of laces in each color through your shoes or even string one color in the right shoe and the other color in the left shoe.

Matching laces to hair ribbons  - As pointed out on this site, several of our wide satin laces match our narrow satin laces just like several of our wide grosgrain laces match our narrow grosgrain laces. It's a wonderfully coordinated and even youthful look to wear those wide laces in your hair and the narrow laces in your shoes. Just think how much better your favorite golfing outfit will look with a pair of narrow red grosgrain laces in your shoes and a wide red grosgrain bow in your hair!

Going over the top  - And of course we can't overlook the element of pure fun when it comes to sporting our shoelaces. We've got plenty of colors, prints and color combinations to make a wild and crazy statement that will have everyone looking at your feet.

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